Foxcasino, the legendary Greek casino portal that players have been enjoying since 2015 is back and looks stunning as ever. The guys over at don’t just give players top, and most importantly tested tips and guides on how to win in all popular casino games, they do so and they have the guts to post it under their own names. They take ownership for it.

The new FoxCasino has also introduced the first casino forum in Greece, and it’s already getting massive approval from players that have joined. The forum features threads users can post in regarding online casinos, as well as various games like roulette, slots, blackjack, poker. It also has a section dedicated to betting with threads on predictions, betting systems, and online bookmakers.

With the promise that “They’re going to make you a better player”, looks like they are truly set to deliver. What’s truly unique about Foxcasino is the fact that they’re dedicated to give players realistic advice on how to win and not just regurgitate what’s already out there in similar guides all over the Internet. Apart from that you can, of course, expect to find detailed reviews of all the top licensed Greek casinos, all the latest bonuses and offers, as well as a wide selection of free online slots for players to enjoy. It seems that Foxcasino has everything a player would ask from a casino portal.